UX & UI Designer
About this Project:
Taking a well-established aesthetic to the web. Once we met with Miller Weldmaster, we understood the problems they faced, and worked with them to create an innovative web experience that they could use in their sales process. It resulted in decisions being made quickly, cheaper and more accurately.
After our discovery interviews with the stakeholders and staff, I created a quick whiteboard sketch to help establish the necessary elements. 
From there came wireframes based on these elements, and once they were approved, we moved onto high fidelity mockups.
It was important for the client to show their machinery, its versatility, and how it differentiates itself from anything else on the market. 
We wanted to give a sense of who the company was, and give visitors a sense that this wasn't just a company -- it was also a company of seasoned industry experts that could help them achieve their goals and fill their needs.
We wanted to speak to a couple of different audiences: Those who were in an industry and wanted to see the machining available, and those who knew what they wanted are were ready to select their machinery.
As mobile was a big point of their viewership, we wanted the Mobile site to provide as much information in a digestible format as possible to help clients make their decisions and reach out for more information.

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